About Us

About Us


Our Vision is to be the preferred Himalayan Travel Advisor and facilitate travellers with information on travel, stays and activities in Himachal Pradesh and The Himalayas.



Our mission is to be the expert travel partner for people visiting Himachal Pradesh and facilitate searching , locating,comparing and booking best stays, vacation homes, monthly rentals, resorts and hotels in Himachal Pradesh along with events and activities in various seasons and parts of the Himalayas.


We have started from Kasauli to assist travellers with our online portal, website by helping to search, find and book best places to stay in Kasauli, Himachal Pradesh.

We aspire to cover all parts of travel to Himachal Pradesh and help guests with exprert travel advisory and information on travel and searching stays and activities with information on  the right season and time to travel to various parts of the state.


WOWz STAYs is a brand of WOWz Digital Private Limited and serves as an online digital platform for searching hotels, caparing prices and booking hotels in Kasauli, Himachal Pradesh through our website. Guest can campare and book hotels at best price in Kasauli.


Guests can search compare and book Hotels, Resorts, Vacation Homes, Villas, including long stays and monthly rentals at best prices.


WOWz also has a feature "Last Minute Stays" which helps our registered members to find places to stay in rush season, festive days, long weekends. WOWz facilitate to search and find a stay in Kasauli when a guest member is not able to find and book a place to stay in Kasauli, Himachal Pradesh.  (Be a guest member)


WOWz STAYs facilitates guests to search best hotels in Kasauli based on amenities, location, photographs and types of rooms or preferred locations and stays in Kasauli.

Guest can choose the best place to stay in Kasauli from the listed hotels and resorts in Kasauli.


Guests can use filters and sort listed properties and seach best hotels in kasauli which suits their needs or opt for budget hotels in Kasauli by comparing prices.

Guests can book using the booking feature of our website and get instant booking confirmation.




WOWz STAYs is only a facilitator in helping the customers locating suitable hotels and stays and not the owner or lease holder of the Hotel or stays.


By making a reservation/booking at the listed Hotel(s)/ stay(s) the Guests enters into commercial/ contractual terms as offered by and agreed to between Hotel(s)/ Stay(s) and the Guest alone.


Hotel(s) stay(s) owners are separate and independent entities and WOWz STAYs does not work as representative or agent of the Hotel(s)/ stays(s) or its owner(s).


*Please read the "user agreement"  and "Terms of Service" listed under the website carefully before using our services or website. By using the website the guest aggrees to abide by all the terms of service and is bind by it. If you do not agree with any part of the user agreement please do NOT use the website for any purpose.If the User does not agree with any part of the user agreement listed under the website, then the User must not avail WOWz STAYs services and must not access our website or approach the Sales Channels of WOWz STAYs.